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Saturday, April 17, 2010

EntreCard Introduces Mysterious EntreCredits

Entrecard has sent an email to members inviting them to sign up at a site with almost no information as to what that might mean.

They said, "In a few weeks we will be launching as a new site and we can't wait! But we need help. There's a lot to test, a userbase to build, and a UI to polish. As an Entrecarder you already have a strong understanding of how a credit-based economy works, so we're offering EC users an opportunity to get in early on this new site and help us create something to expand and complement Entrecard."

Doesn't say much does it?

At the site we read, "At last! a quick, simple micropayments solution that makes it easy to spend and earn on the web. We're opening for beta soon. To reserve your place in line and receive free credits to get you started, give us your email address below."

I have to admit that I'm skeptical. I make it a practice to NOT sign up for things that don't tell me what they are about. But, I have given them my email, since this appears to be from the support team at Entrecard.

Let's hope I didn't just sign up for some scam.



Ratty said...

I was worried about it being a scam too, so I've avoided it up til now. I've been curious about it, myself, though.

John | Make Nothing Online said...

It's mentioned on the Entrecard blog too, so I'm fairly sure it's not a scam.

I can't see Entrecard credits being any good for micropayments while they can still be generated by dropping.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Ratty- John's idea to check the blog is the best one yet, so now we just wait and see what the offer is.

John- great verification plan! Well, whatever it is, it's almost certain to be thought out poorly, but time will tell.

cornyman said...

Guess the EntreCredits market is not doing so well (by the way - it's the subdomain of the mysterious ;-) ) and after the Blackjack game is no more available - most likely because the developer can't cashout the ECs anymore or got broke ;)

Hope it's not similar to Adgitize Merchandising Shop, which looks like a flop, too.

Sharkbytes said...

I haven't paid much attention to the Adg shop... didn't really want to buy anything.