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Monday, March 15, 2010

Promoting Shared Reviews

Once again, let me say that I do fairly well at Shared Reviews, placing in the top five most months. Last month, for the first time ever, I was #1! I won't make that this month, but if you even click on any of these reviews it will help me, and something might even interest you!

Sign up under me to vote, if you are not already a member. There is a link following this list of tips for new members to be able to make some money.

Adopting Older Children- Consider Carefully
Twister Grips- Make Opening Jars Easier
National Scenic Trails- What Are They?
Decorative Red Metal Lizard- Indoors or Patio Fun
How to Lace Athletic Shoes
Don't Throw Away that Carcass!
Boys Crew Socks- 84% Cotton
Velocity Trail Runners- Lightweight
Corelle Dinnerware- Dinnerware for the Rest of Your Life
Caron Simply Soft Yarn is Too Soft
Model Railroading- Popular Hobby Gauges
Bubba Goes National- a Winner Out of the Gate
Stretchy Animals- Cheap Fun
Game of 26! is Complicated and Slow
Plackers Floss Picks- Expensive but Handy
Petflex Self Adhesive Bandages are Great
How To Easily Clean Copper
Adventure Library- My One Book Club Splurge
Growing Succulent Houseplants

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John | Daily Photo Gallery said...

The game of 26 sounds okay but I'd have to find a way of modifying the rules if we played.

Maybe taking the card at the end of your turn so you have plenty of thinking time? Would that work?

There's nothing worse than waiting ages for everyone else to take their turn.

Sharkbytes said...

That's a good idea- we were talking about rule modification, but we really all liked Quiddler better, so we played that.