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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tips for New Shared Reviews Members

Shared Reviews just started a brand new way to earn! This is not only great for established writers there, but it will be good news for new people and their friends. It's also a sign of the financial health of the site.

Beginning this month, Creator and CEO, Peter Etjel, writes:
we are "announcing the all new referral program that started December 1st! Every referral you bring to the community will earn you 10% of what they earn for 12 full months from the date they sign up."

So if you sign up now, and get a friend to sign up under you, you would earn whatever you could, plus 10% of what that person earned for the next 12 months!

For those of us who have been there longer, we will earn the 10% not only for people who have signed up this month, but also for the people who previously signed up under us.

That said, Shared Reviews appears complicated to new members. There is still a lot of confusion as to how to make money there. There are four basic ways to do so:
  1. Vote for reviews that end up in one of the top five spots in any subcategory at the end of the month.
  2. Have one of your reviews end up in one of the top five spots in any subcategory at the end of the month.
  3. Win one of the monthly contests
  4. Write lots of reviews in a large variety of categories.

For a new person, joining part way into the month (as you would be if you decide to join), the best ways to earn at first are 1 and 3. Another good strategy for a new person would be to write reviews in sub-categories with very few entries. People will be looking for reviews they can still vote for in those groups. (But only review products you've really used. The admin is good at catching cheaters.)

The positions in each subcategory are based on a "popularity score," which is a combination of votes from within SR, and page views from outside sources such as the results of searches. Because the page views can often make a huge difference, you are more likely to be able to earn if you wait until the last few days of the month to do most of your voting. As a new member, you will have 2 votes per subcategory. (There are ways to increase that to 4)

The contests vary by month. This month they are: Most Votes Cast, Most Published Reviews, and Most Votes Received. New people can really do well on the first two of those.

This was just a quick primer. For the complete description of December rules, see December Cycle - The new SR Referral Program

If you really want to do well at Shared Reviews, come into the forum, get acquainted, and people will be friendly to explain things. There is a sort of a guide in the forum as well, but things have changed a lot over the past few months, and I'm sure there are inaccuracies in it.

If you choose to sign up under me, come to the forum and introduce yourself, or send me a private message. I'm "sharkbytes" there, as well.

Shared Reviews

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