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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Adgitize Offers Targeted Advertising

Adgitize has launched a new service which will help bloggers connect with advertisers even more effectively.

A few days ago, Adgitize owner, Ken Brown announced that publishers of ads should add new settings for their blog or pages. The geographic region where the writer is located can be selected. Also, there are 33 subject areas into which a blog may fall. Writers may choose up to five of these topics.

Beginning today, advertisers may choose to place their ads in targeted categories, which should result in higher conversion rates for them. There are 10,000 publisher blogs, and the ability to select good matches for advertisers should be a big plus.

Targeting will cost slightly more. To select a target geographic area or subject will add $3 per month to the base price of $14, thus costing $17 a month. To add both will increase the rate to $19 per month.

Personally, I am thrilled that Brown has chosen to include Nature/ Outdoors in his list of subjects. Very few sites include this as a category, and those of us who blog in those topics (see My Quality Day and Favorite Nature Blogs) find it difficult when signing up on social sites, because there is no place for our work. We are not really talking about sports, or gardening, or photography, but these are often our only choices.

Adgitize continues to deliver traffic at reasonable rates. Sign up today!



Martin@Cornyman's Money-Blog said...


long time no new article ;) hopefully you have been busy with more valuable work lately...

I would like to have seen the photography category, too because choosing just Hobbies as category for a photography/travel blog isn't the best choice for someone who wants to target it by categories :)

At the moment i doubt that it might be successful for the advertiser (both targeted options).

When i look at my statistics and from where my visitors came from it's mostly USA & Asia but i'm located in Europe. So anyone who wants to promote in Europe would get some clicks from my blog but it would certainly be more likely that it's NOT targeted for this advertiser (if we look for an advertiser who wants to sell something only in the European Union for example). I believe this is valid for many other members, too.

That's why i asked Ken in his blog post if it wouldn't be better to choose from the 11 geographic locations the 3 where we get the most blog visitors.

(Combination from demographic & geographic targeted advertising costs 5$ instead of 6$)