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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Adgitize Does Right by Its Members

Adgitize has been plagued by some recent outages that had Ken Brown and staff "pulling out their hair" to solve. Interestingly enough, they traced the problem to the recent upgrade to AVG 9.0 Virus Protection software. AVG has been quite stable, so this isn't good news for anyone.

But this post is another testimonial to the integrity of the Adgitize team. They had promised to make up for the outages to members, and here is what they have chosen to do. For each of the days that no one was able to click any ads and earn points they have looked at each member's account and selected the day of highest earnings from Jan 2-29 and posted that amount for each missing day in the member's earnings.

That is integrity, folks! While Adgitize was not earning any money, they have chosen to show their regret for the outage by giving us all more than we deserve. If you were new to Adgitize shortly before the outage and were wondering what kind of deal you had gotten into with all the problems, now you know!

In addition, Ken had also announced that ads will be extended seven days for free to cover the days that were down.

If you are tired of advertising networks that don't take care of their members, come on in to the Adgitize fold.



sundcarrie said...

This was really nice of them I was really surprised!

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Hi sundcarrie- I've been there long enough to know that they would be more than fair. I think they outdid themselves this time!