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Monday, December 7, 2009

What's New at CMF? I Won $10, That's What!

I haven't said much about CMF ads for a long time. They are a quiet way to build your blog's reputation. You won't get many actual clicks, but your banner will become well known. They currently have 2,692 ads running. Most blogs are running more than one ad.

I received notice a couple of days ago that I have won $10 worth of credit for winning a monthly contest. I think this was a contest in the forum where you tweeted about why you use CMF and this put you in a drawing for the prize. Hey, I'm happy! I can use it to buy more ads, or I can cash out. So far I haven't taken any cash from the CMF system, but I may consider it.

CMF has been spiffing things up lately. First of all, there colorful new default logo is a lot more attractive than the previous black and white one.

This isn't so new, but their system is now on a US dollar system. There are no points which have to be converted. This makes it easy to calculate what you are getting or giving. Most blogs choose to charge between 10 and 25 cents for a month of advertising. Yes, cents! Some charge as little as 1 cent. The number of blogs that choose to advertise with you will have their banners rotate through the number of slots on your blog. For example, on this blog I currently have 2 slots, but there are 9 ads running. You only see two at a time, but all nine will rotate through as people load this site. There has been some discussion about whether it is better to have 4 ads at 25 cents or 10 ads at 10 cents. You would get the same income over a month's time. I used to have my price set at 25, now I've reduced all my blogs to either 10 or 15 cents. I think this is more reasonable for what the advertiser actually receives, and I'm there for brand recognition, not money.

How much traffic does it generate? For My Quality Day, which I've had in their system the longest, over the past 8 months I've received 141 hits from 33 sites on which I placed ads. That is an average of 4.3 hits per site, or 17.6 hits a month. Not a huge number. But I've never put any cash into the system at all, so I really can't complain. When I signed up, I waited till others advertised with me, let their ads run the 30 days till their fee went in my account and then started buying my own ads.

For a small fee, you can place your blog in a list of those featured on the CMF home page. I just bought 30 days for MQD at $1.00. Not bad!

CMF is run by real people who will answer your questions and try to work out difficulties.

Now for the biggest downer. They just started a new system for buying ads on other sites in the system. I mean JUST. It looks complicated. The previous system was very simple. Find a site, click to advertise. They owner approves your ad or not. Simple. Now there is a form to fill out about running a campaign, and at first glance it's a lot more complex. Maybe I should try to figure it out and explain it here.

At any rate, CMF will get your banner out there in the public view. They are stable and have a very high standard for the blogs they allow, so you can be sure that if you click on one of their ads you will not reach some sleazy scheme.

CMF Ads - 30 day ads starting from $0.01

web ad income Dec 5 (4 blogs, 2 web sites, writing):
Adsense $.06
Adgitize $.96
Project Wonderful $.04
Clixsense $.05
Neobux $.04
Total: $1.15


Marly said...

Congratulations for winning $10.