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Friday, December 11, 2009

Renting Referrals at Neobux

I finally got to $2.00 in my Neobux balance today, and I wanted to start renting referrals right away. You actually only need $0.75 to rent 3 referrals, but I read on another blog that you shouldn't try it without $2.00 in your rental account, since it costs money to manage the referrals. So I waited.

It was really difficult to find how to transfer the funds to my rental balance. You need to go to your statistics page (click on your username at the top right), then under Account there should be a link called Renting Balance. Click on that and you can add funds via PayPal, AlertPay, or from your Main Balance. I was told that you could only add in whole dollar increments, but you seem to be able to add by increments of 10 cents, so perhaps that has changed. Anyway, I put in the $2.00.

Then, above your graphs is a button marked Referrals. Click that. Because I am new, my only option is to rent 3 referrals, which is the lowest amount, and only that button will be highlighted. Click it. You will get a confirmation screen, and then a message saying that the referrals have been successfully added. They will be mine for 30 days.

Once you rent, another header appears on the statistics page for Referrals. Clicking on that will show you your referrals management page. I don't understand that all yet, and will make it the topic of another post, as I figure it out.

Now I wait to see if these referrals will be active. They only assign those who have been recently active (clicked at least 10 advertisements in the past 5 days). Of course there is no guarantee that they will continue to click, which is why they have to be "managed." This means trading referrals for those who don't click to find ones who do, and extending your time with those who do actively click. These transactions cost a small fee.

This is all I know for now! But this means I have completed 3 of the four steps towards being able to have a Golden Membership. The four steps are:
  1. Have 50 credited clicks (done)
  2. Have been a member at least 15 days (done)
  3. Have rented referrals 2 times (one done, and I can not rent again for 1 week)

I have averaged $0.05 a day there with the standard membership with no referrals. That's as much as I make from most of my ad income sources. So I'm anxious to see how much the 3 referrals change that. Of course, to make a decent amount of money you have to have one of the high level memberships. But that seems to be possibile to attain.

Since I joined on Nov 4, the Neobux site has only been down one day, and only a couple of the ads I was shown had expired (meaning that I don't get paid for them). So far I am pleased.

Why not click thru and get started at Neobux now?

web ad income Dec 9 (4 blogs, 2 web sites, writing):
Adsense $.05
Adgitize $.83
Project Wonderful $.02
Chitika $.07
Clixsense $.03
Associated Content $4.73
Neobux $.04
Total: $5.77


Bachrum said...

I saw that you earn money (even a penny) from adsense. You earn $.05 in average. do you have any tricks how to make it happen..?

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

See today's post, Bachrum.