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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Changing My Project Wonderful Strategy- I Did It

My earnings at Project Wonderful have dwindled to under a penny a day. I really have a problem with providing an ad slot for multiple sites at absolutely no charge. So yesterday I changed my ad format on My Quality Day (this blog was not approved), to two single ad slots, with a minimum price of a penny a day. This is $.30 a month, which is more than reasonable. (I can certainly understand why many blogs simply post spaces to rent for a set amount per month.)

I learned a couple of things. You have to make duplicate, but different ad boxes for the two slots. If you just use the same code for both spots then whoever rents the one slot will show up in both slots. For example, I labeled the box MQD1, and then placed the code in my blog twice. What I got was two copies of the same ad. I had to make a separate box MQD2, and put in the code for MQD1 and then MQD2.

I did notify my regular advertisers that I was changing the shape of the ad box, and that I would have to cancel their ads, but hoped that they would consider placing a new ad. Some have.

Now here is a mystery. Right away one of the boxes was bid up to 2 cents for a day. The ad was placed for 4 days. That means that it should have run continuously, and for the first complete 24-hour cycle I should have made 2 cents, minus the 25% commission, which would be 1.5 cents. Instead I made 1.2 cents. Maybe their fees have gone up, and they didn't change the documentation. It wouldn't surprise me.

I'll try this for a while, but perhaps I will eventually just try to privately rent a couple of ad spaces.

Changing My Project Wonderful Strategy

web ad income Dec 28 (6 blogs, 2 web sites, writing):
Adsense $.54
Adgitize $.87
Project Wonderful $.002
Clixsense $.01
Neobux $.075
Total: $1.50


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Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Hi Angel- I will try to do this next week. This week is too crazy. Thank you!