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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sorting Pictures from Various Sources

Have you been given the task of sorting the digital pictures of an event from several cameras? Would you like to put them in chronological order? It's easy in Windows files, but you have to follow a few steps that may not be totally obvious.

When you open a file folder in Windows the default sort order is usually by name. With only one camera, the files will probably be chronological because the camera numbers them in sequence. But if the images came from multiple sources, they will probably appear in blocks by the camera used.

No matter what view you are in, you need to switch to Details- see first picture. Then right click anywhere on the bar where the words Name/ Size/ Type, etc and you will see the view shown below.

You need to find the choice "Date Picture Taken," which probably won't show in the list you see, so you'll need to select More from the bottom of the list. This will bring you to what you see below.

Note that I've scrolled down in the list to make "Date Picture Taken" visible as an option. Check it. (If you want to use the Move Up button to put it near the top of the list you can, but it's not necessary.) Click OK.

If you moved it up, say to the second spot you will now have the view shown below.

If you didn't move it up, simply widen the window till you can see it. If you want, you can left click on the header and drag that column over beside the name. Then click on the header until the little gray arrow points up. The file is now sorted from oldest to newest. You can see it the final image here that the files are sorted by date and time, not by the name (note the mixed names near the end of the list).

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moneyndnet said...

hi, i just came to visit your new post.

John | Make Nothing Online said...

This is a great idea, providing you make sure everyone sets the correct time and date. I know a few people who don't bother. :-(

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

moneyndnet- Thanks for stopping by!

John- Well, yes that is a requirement! I guess if you knew that you would be the designated picture sorter, you could grab all the cameras and make sure the date was set correctly!