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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Chitika Research Says 2% of Users Pay for Internet

Chitika is an online advertising broker which is based on searches performed by internet users. Publishers receive compensation when an advertisement is actually clicked on. They report 60,000 sites and 2 billion monthly impressions of their ads.

In a two-week study in October 2009, Chitika monitored the clicks on ads placed through the system. Without tracking any information about users, 86.6 million individuals were served ads through the system of 60,000 plus publishers. During the study, 1.8 million actual clicks were recorded. Simple division reveals a 2.15% click rate.

Although the use of Click-Thru Rate (CTR) as the sole indicator of success for web site advertising has been discounted in the United States since 2001, it can still be a useful metric. In March of this year, European CTR averages were 0.11% to 0.18%. Before the demise of the CTR in US reports, a 0.3% rate was considered good.

In light of these comparisons, one could reasonably conclude that the method Chitika has developed to deliver "predictive targeted" ads to internet surfers is highly successful.

Since I signed up with them in September, I have earned $3.71 with Chitika ads. Payout via PayPal is automatic when I reach $10. (It would be at $50 if I had requested to be paid by check.) Publishers are paid only for clicks, not impressions.

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web ad income Nov 23 (4 blogs, 2 web sites, writing):
Adsense $.04
Adgitize $.73
Project Wonderful $.03
My Survey $.75
Clixsense $.03
Neobux $.05
Total: $1.63