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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sew Your Own Sheets for Cribs and Toddler Beds

Sewing your own sheets for cribs or toddler beds is incredibly easy and not only saves money but allows you to customize the look for your child’s room.

Be sure to use woven fabric, and pre-wash it to be sure that it is fully shrunk. I like to pre-wash in hot water for maximum shrinkage.

For the fitted sheet, measure the mattress and add 18" (45.5 cm) to each side. For example if your crib/ toddler bed mattress is 29x54 inches (74x137cm), you would need your fabric to be 47x72 inches (119x183 cm).

Hem narrowly or serge all edges. Cut an 8 inch (20 cm) square out of each corner. You can fold the sheet into quarters to cut all corners out together, or do it individually. These corners now need to be seamed to create the fitted “boxes.” Just fold the edges you just cut with right sides together, serge or seam and zig-zag to prevent raveling.

Then cut a piece of 1/4 elastic about 12 inches (30 cm) long. Fold it in half and pin the center at one of the corner seams, on the wrong side of the fabric, but near the hemmed edge. Measure out 12 inches from that seam, still following the hem, and pin the end of the elastic there. Do the same with the other end. Using a zig-zag stitch, set at about 10 stitches per inch, sew the elastic to the hemmed edge, stretching it as you sew to the length of the fabric. When it is sewed correctly, and the elastic is allowed to return to its natural length the corner will pucker in the manner of any fitted sheet. Repeat with the other three corners.

To make a flat sheet, cut the fabric slightly larger, perhaps 20" (51 cm) larger than the mattress. Narrowly hem both long edges and one short edge. Make a wider flat hem on one of the narrow edges for the top edge of the sheet.

This is a fairly easy sewing project. I saved a ton of money when our boys were small!

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