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Friday, October 23, 2009

Forced Flash on the Canon Powershot SX10IS

The Canon Powershot SX10IS will always tell you, when set on auto, when you should use the flash. You can choose to do so or not, by whether you raise the flash cover or not. But what if the camera doesn't think you need it, but you would like to use the flash to eliminate shadows?

The way to accomplish this is by using the same button with which one can turn off the camera sounds. Note that in addition to the little microphone there is a small lightning symbol there too. That symbol usually means something to do with the flash on modern cameras.

First you need to take the camera off of the auto setting. I don't understand what all of those options are yet, but moving the dial clockwise to the face icon for closer shots, and to the mountain icon for long shots will work well enough. Then lift the flash cover and press that button on the top left with the flash and microphone icons. You will see the words "flash auto" appear in the view finder or on the screen. Press the button one more time and it will say "flash on."

You can now take your picture and the flash will be forced to fire. This setting will be overridden when you go back to auto mode.

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