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Monday, October 12, 2009

I Think It's "Goodbye Shareapic"

Well, just a few days ago, Shareapic had a major database burp and lost a lot of pictures. This included ALL of mine. Their solution is for the owner to upload them all again. Of course, this will result in different URLs for the pictures, so I would have to go back and change every single link to those pictures.

Coupled with the difficulty in organizing folders, the pop-up ads, and the scantily clad girls (not quite porn), I think that I am all done with them.

John, at English Wilderness, showed me how he is hosting his own pictures, and including ads. I think that I will begin setting up something similar. It will be easier to do (I have no trouble with the coding). I can organize my pictures better, and hopefully will make a few pennies. I was only making about a penny a day at Shareapic.

So I will lose my 50 cents I have banked there. Whoopie-doo. But I've spent a lot of time making that half dollar that I'll never actually have. A lesson learned, I guess.

Shareapic Temporarily Suspends Payments

web ad income October 10 (4 blogs, 2 web sites, writing):
Adsense $.11
Adgitize $.61
Project Wonderful $.03
Clixsense $.13
Chitika $.03
Total: $.91

web income Sept actually cashed out (4 blogs, 2 web sites, other writing):
Adgitize (income - ad cost) $8.87
Private Ad sales $55.00
Textbroker $39.40
Shared Reviews $45.45
Associated Content $2.58
Total: $151.30


John | English Wilderness said...

Sorry to hear Shareapic messed up for you :-( I can imagine how much work it's created :-(

Hosting my own images has worked out much better. I have control over the ads and can organise the pictures however I like.

Best of all, they're attracting some traffic from Google. Don't worry to much about the $0.50. I'm confident you'll earn that in your first month of self-hosting. :-)