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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Choosing Which Ads to Display as an Adgitize Publisher

Have you wondered if you could control which ads from Adgitize will display on your blog? Perhaps there are a few ads that you don't care for. Perhaps there are sites that you feel are questionable. Maybe you would like to pick the sites whose ads will always appear on your blog.

Now that Adgitize has over 200 advertisers in the system almost every day it makes a lot more sense to exercise some control over which ads appear on your blog. You can choose to exclude certain ads, or you can choose to display only certain ads if that list is shorter. Here's how!

Once you are signed in at Adgitize, click on "Manage Blogs." You will then see a blue button that says "Reject Ads."

Once you click on that button you will see a list of all advertisers and their banners. You have the option to mark the check box by a few, and then click the blue button that says "Reject Checked Ads." Or you can mark the check box by a few and click the blue button that says "Allow Checked Ads."

You can easily make changes... the directions are given under the blue buttons.

Just as a note, several others have already blogged about this, but Adgitize is making a significant price increase, beginning November 1. Ad prices will jump to $24 a month, which sounds daunting. However, due to the point system by which the funds are distributed, those who click the 50 ads a day will still receive enough compensation to cover the monthly cost of their ads.

Adgitize continues to deliver quality traffic, and real cash payouts. I highly recommend them! Sign up today!

Adgitize your web site.

web ad income October 11 (4 blogs, 2 web sites, writing):
Adsense $.14
Adgitize $.55
Project Wonderful $.05
Chitika $.16
Total: $.90


John | English Wilderness said...

Thanks, I'm new to Adgitize and hadn't spotted this yet. I noticed the increase in Advertising rates :-( Unfortunately I don't have time to visit 50 blogs a day. Some days I read about 5, other days 100 or more, so it's unlikely I'd earn enough to cover the cost of advertising :-(

cornyman said...


November will be a though month for advertiser who have to renew their ad in the first ten days.

Usually they won't get back their invested money this time as too less money is in the pot from the previous renewed 14$ ads!

Members who advertised more than two blogs will also get problems with funding the expected loss as they receive less money in comparison to the hike of the new ad price.

There will be a spike in advertisers in the last week of October and a decline in the first two weeks of November depending when ads are expiring. The earnings results which Ken Brown predicted won't take place from the 1st November on. It's more likely that these earnings will be reached in December (he wrote this as a reply to my blog comments in the Adgitize blog, too (without the time frame)!).

The trick would be to save now the ad price hike (when your ad expires in the first two weeks of November)... i'll show you how next week in my blog!

Sharkbytes said...

John- I hear ya! I do a lot of scanning.

Cornyman- Yeah, I read your forum post. Of course the transition may have a bump or two, but I'm not worried in the long run.