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Monday, September 21, 2009

Project Wonderful Denies Application

As I mentioned last Tuesday I had not signed this blog up for Project Wonderful ads, so I put in an application. That application was denied. Here is what they said.

"Our website review process forms an assessment of a website using a variety of criteria. These criteria include, but are not limited to, suitable content, ease of site navigation, and the website's potential value to Project Wonderful and the experience of its members. Unfortunately your website, at, does not currently fulfill these requirements."

OK, so I won't get an extra penny a day. It's hard to care. But I am curious as to what elements of this site are problematic. I checked out the standards they use to evaluate sites.

"Adult content" - none of that here
"Sensitive content" i.e. hate speech, etc - none of that here
"Not enough content" must have at least 30 quality posts - This is post #129
"Duplicated content" - all my posts are original
"Clean site design" - I think it's fine>
"Sponsored content" - this has to be the problem. The standard continues
This one mainly applies to blogs. There are blogs which have accepted money in order to link certain products. This can take a few forms: "review posts" (usually with affiliate links), links to other sites through click-tracking relays, double-underlined links on keywords, and so on. We have found that such tactics are very anti-reader and cause any additional advertisements (i.e., ours) to perform very poorly. If you have such posts on your site, it's unlikely we'll be able to have you as a publisher.

I'm a bit shocked at this even so... Of my 129 posts, there is one which is a paid product review, and one which is a paid article. There are no double-underlined links. I don't even know what a "click-tracking relay" is, but I don't think I have any- can't be things like AdSense because lots of PW members use that. I don't have any popup ads. I sure am trying to NOT include "anti-reader" tactics!

I found several blogs on PW that are similar to mine including Internet Report About My Idea, and Indocontest, and possibly more (I got tired of working through the list.)

Anyway... it looks like if you have a blog that focuses on making money by blogging that you won't be approved by Project Wonderful. Corneymans Moneypage was also recently declined.

See Changing My Project Wonderful Strategy

web ad income Sept 19 (4 blogs, 2 web sites, writing):
Adsense $.11
Adgitize $.60
Project Wonderful $.02
Shareapic $.01
Clixsense $.05
Chitika $.03
Microworkers $.20
Total: $1.02