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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Easy Traffic Solution - Traffic Exchange Site

Easy Traffic Solution is a very new traffic exchange program. I'm actually member number 68. It works really well, and it's biggest drawback at the current time is that it needs more blogs to belong.

Like most of the traffic exchanges the member pages open in a frame, and a link must be clicked after a certain amount of time. It's 15 seconds in this case. It is a 1:1 exchange which means that your page is shown one time for every page you view for 15 seconds. This is good- some sites are 1:2 or even lower. When you sign up you get 100 free credits so your site will become visible right away.

You can also buy credits through PayPal at a very reasonable price. Once you apply your site will need to be manually approved by the administration. This should take less than 24 hours. When people sign up under you, you get 0.1 credit every time a page of theirs is shown. Multiple blogs are allowed.

The quality of the sites you will view isn't quite as high as what you will see on Blog Explosion, but it's decent- not all get rich quick sites.

I like the fact that you seem to get hits to your site spread out a bit and not all bunched up as soon as you log in and start surfing.

There are no games to play or frills- just traffic exchange. If they can get enough sites to make it viable it should be a really good deal.

Easy Traffic Solution


Glynis said...

sounds interesting, I might consider it,thank.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Hi Glynis- I have mixed feelings about all this traffic generation stuff, but you have to get people passing by your blog before you can get anyone to stay, or come back another day.