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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Karteset- Basic Card File for $15

There are a lot of groups of information that we need to store for our lives that don't require a full-fledged data base. In fact a large db program just gets in the way of handling that information quickly and efficiently. A good example is a family address book. Maybe you'd just like to put a note on one entry that says "Paul's sister-in-law," or "ate dinner with them, Christmas 2001." A database forces you to set up fields for extra notes just to do what used to be so simple with a card file or Rolodex.

So I went looking for a very simple card file program for my computer. For only $15, Karteset is a great answer. In fact, you can try it for 30 days for free, before paying even that small price.

Note in the screen shot above that you can set a heading for each card, and add whatever kind of information you want to the body of the card. At the bottom is a space for categories. This is where Karteset shines. You can put any card into multiple categories, making it act like a simple data base. For example, in an address file, perhaps your son is also your auto mechanic. His card could go in two categories (which you create- as many as you want): Family and Services. In a recipe file a card could be put in categories for Dessert, Cherries, Chocolate, etc. It also allows you to search for any piece of text throughout the file. Subcategories are also allowed.

Karteset has few bells and whistles. But you can change the font, both size and color, as it is RTF based.

I've been using it for over a year. There are only a couple of things about it that are annoying. It tabs from the header to the category next, where I would prefer it to tab to the body of the card. Perhaps more importantly it does not automatically save cards or edits. You have to remember to save every change.

However, for the price, I am really happy with this little piece of software



eli said...

Hi! Sharkbytes.

I visited this blog of yours and I enjoyed reading your posts, aside from your My Quality Day blog.

I noticed that you have an extra CMF ad space here, so before leaving last 3 days ago, I put an ad. Today is my 3rd visit already.


Sharkbytes said...

Thanks Eli!