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Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Importance of Logo Design - Guest Post from LogoInn

(Ben Johnson, of LogoInn requested a guest post on "Why it's better to spend some time on logo design before going online." I am happy to present his article here. -JHY)

Benefits of spending a reasonable amount of time on logo designing

Logo plays a key role in marketing and branding of any kind. Therefore, the task of development and designing cannot be taken lightly. One of the steps that you have to avoid to your logo is the need to make sure that you fully follow a meaningful design process before you present your logo to the public at large. Make sure to put considerable amount of time on logo design process before going to make it live.

Do understand the importance of your corporate logo

It is a proven fact that your logo is the heart and soul of your overall, comprehensive marketing, advertising and promotional plan. With this fact in mind, it is absolutely crucial that you devote the time and effort necessary to ensure that you have designed and developed a logo that truly will serve the interests of your business well.

Understanding the importance of your logo, you must ensure that you devote a reasonable amount of money to have your logo designed. And, you need to ensure that you dedicate an appropriate amount of time to design and develop your logo and to fully vet your logo once the design process is completed.

Make sure to hire a professional logo design company

Now that you have been presented with some facts to consider pertaining to the importance of your logo, you will want to take the next step and contemplate the importance of hiring a professional, qualified logo design firm with a proven track record. In the final analysis, you cannot trust the design and development of your logo to anything less than a true professional.

In seeking a professional logo design company to assist you with your own brand and image development, you will want to ensure that you select a provider that understands the needs and objectives of your business, an effective firm that appreciates the nature of your product or services.

Test Your Logo before going live

One of the most important steps that you must take when it comes to the design and ultimate development of your business's logo and identity is to test market your logo before you “go live” with it in a broadly public setting. You cannot afford to have a logo that “doesn't work” put forth to the public at large – online or otherwise – only to learn that the logo does not have the desired effects and consequences.

The test marketing process does not have to be complicated ... but it must be intelligent. You need to have an appropriate segment of individuals who you believe accurately are part of the market niche you are targeted look at and respond to your logo. You cannot merely have your friends and associates review your logo before you start using it in public. If you rely only on people who know you or with whom you have an association, you will not be able to obtain accurate information and feedback about the logo itself.

In some cases, by hiring a professional logo design firm, that company will be able to assist you in test marketing your logo before you put it into use. This represents yet another service that a professional logo design company can provide to you and your business.

In summary, by understanding the true and enduring importance of your logo you will appreciate the need for being thoughtful and deliberate not only in the manner in which you have that branding piece designed but also in the way you bring it forth onto the market. By paying attention to and by following the suggestions outlined for you in this article you will be able to have designed and introduced onto the market a logo that will serve your business very well on all levels.