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Monday, April 27, 2009

VIrtual Horse Racing's First Millionaire

In its 24th season, a virtual stable owner at has become an actual millionaire. Identified as Pillbutt (his online name), he has been racing since 2001. Through good strategies he has bought and sold virtual horses around the globe, and has won 33 of's Championship race titles. is an extremely realistic virtual horse racing venue. Players buy and train horses, manage stables, and enter their steeds in virtual races. Race entries come from around the world, and race in 3-D live animation. is in its 24th racing season.

Bloodlines and training are important for a horse’s success. When a horse is purchased it comes at a 50% fitness level which can be improved through training and care. Conditions in the virtual races are simulated with various track and weather conditions, and a random element is added to provide that unpredictability associated with real life.

It costs real money to buy a horse and stable it at Racing silks are free, but vet services and medicines cost real money. There are entrance fees for races, but the winnings are also real.

For new members, the first horse is free, and can also be entered in some races for free for 30 days.

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