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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Canon Power Shot SX10IS - Picture Review Detail Level

When you take a picture with the Canon Powershot SX10IS you will see the image in review for a few seconds after clicking the shutter. You can set the length of time this is displayed, and you can choose to simply see the picture, or additional details about the shot.

Press the Menu button on the lower right back of the camera. It's easiest to see this if you toggle the display button to show it on the screen rather than through the viewfinder. You will be shown 4 tabs of menu options, and you want the one that comes up first anyway, the pink camera icon. Use the rocker control button to scroll down the menu till you find the item "Review." Then you can use the rocker (L,R) to toggle the review to off, hold, or 2-10 seconds. If you choose hold the picture will remain in review mode after shooting until you depress the shutter halfway. Press menu again to return to camera mode.

To chose more or less detail on the review display, select the menu as above, and the next item down is "Review Info." Your choices here are Off, Detailed, and Focus Check. "Off" means that you will just see the picture you took in the full frame. "Detailed" presents the picture in about 1/4 of the screen. Shown with that are the histogram, date and time, image number, file size, compression, print list, protection status, and several other pieces of complicated information that I haven't figured out yet.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, it is very easy to accidentally press buttons on the Canon Powershot SX10IS when you pick it up. I learned about changing the review settings after changing them by accident and then needing to learn how to change them back to what I wanted.

Canon Powershot SX10IS - Changing ISO

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