Cash is Good!

I have taken a part-time job, and it's definitely affecting my blogging time. I'll continue to post here as I am able.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

B Stir Dynamic Random Post Widget- Update

I have been using this widget since April 6, but I'm not sure that I'm going to keep it. It delivers what is supposed to be a random post from earlier blog entries to entice readers to sample older entries.

However, I have noticed that the same articles keep showing up with little variation. This is usually the fault of a random seed generator that isn't really random.

B Stir Dynamic Widget

web ad income today (4 blogs, 2 web sites):
Adsense $.01
Adgitize $.77
Project Wonderful $.01
Total: $.79
Total to date in April $11.78
Total in March $4.88