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Monday, March 23, 2009

World Calendar - Know2Go

I learned of this site yesterday, and I've signed up. This is not a paid review, but my personal opinion. Know2Go is an ambitious attempt to collect a calendar of events from around the world and combine them into one huge database.

The owners freely admit that they are not offering anything that one couldn't find out for themselves, if they hunted long enough. But being able to package all this information in one site is a huge time-saving resource.

There are three usage levels. One may simply use Know2Go for free without even registering. In this way you can find all the event information, although it may take you a few search levels to do so. One may register for a free membership. All you need enter are your name, address and email- about as much as is required to read some newspapers online. This gets you "speed search," a feature that supposedly gets you to any event in three clicks. For $19.99 a year you can subscribe. This gives you access to historical events and allows you to access the site from a mobile phone. With either a free membership or subscription you get a personal calendar.

The strength of the site is that anyone can enter events. They encourage the submission of any public event, Golf tournaments, Craft shows, concerts, little league playoffs... whatever, no matter how local. The events will be verified and then added to the live events.

Groups (called vendors) with regular events or an annual calendar may make arrangements to have their activities automatically entered into the Know2Go database.

To find an event you may search by the location, the event type, or the date. Event types are divided broadly into Activities and Lifestyle. To find a location, begin with a world map and focus in to a country and city of choice, Activity categories might be anything from Bowling to Football, while Lifestyle includes grouping such as Fashion or Festivals.

The site is easy to navigate and fairly intuitive. There is a good page of instructions for those who would like more specific help.