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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Trying Out Traffic Exchange Business

I signed up at a new traffic generation site yesterday. I've yet to know how it works out, but it's brand new. There are some things I like and some I'm not sure about yet.

First let me say that I was drawn to this enterprise simply because it is being undertaken by Shari and Cindy of the Shari's Gone Country blog, and I really like that.

The site works similarly to Blog Explosion (and I suppose other such sites). A splash page for member sites show inside a frame which contains your clicking stats, some ad links and banners and a timer. When the timer runs down (meaning that you've viewed that page long enough to keep the bounce rate from soaring), a code appears that you must match and click to load the next site. There are occasional prizes of points that pop up. This interface works much better than the one on Blog Explosion. Due to using a splash page rather than the actual web sites, it loads faster, with fewer errors, and only makes you wait 10 seconds to click on to the next page. Of course you have to create a splash page. They say that they will be rolling out some templates for those soon.

What do you get for the clicking? Each site is worth 0.4 of a point. There is some conversion factor that converts points into cash. Even people who sign up at the free level will be able to either cash out their points or trade them in for banner and text link views. Impressions can also be traded for views. There are higher levels of membership for a price at which you get a better return on clicks.

You can now enter your own 768x60 banner and create text links. Still no info on how to enter a splash page.

Nevertheless, it is to anyone's advantage to get in early if you would like to try this sort of thing. Until the end of March there are bonuses for having people sign up under you, and for some amount of time yet for every day that you surf 125 pages you get an entry into a drawing for a free month at a higher membership level.

You are allowed to convert points to a one higher membership level as well.

Click the graphic above, or text below, if you would like to try it out. As I said, the basic membership level, nicknamed Executive, is free.

Traffic Exchange Business

web ad income today (4 blogs, 2 web sites):
Adsense $.02
Adgitize $.19
Project Wonderful $.04
Total: $.25
Total to Date in March $17.85


Ask Ms Recipe said...

Hi there,

I received your subscription. For some reason the darn thing was not working. (Leave it to google, after they bought it. Its just a hyperlink now. Let me know and then your officially in.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Cool! Thank you.

Mountain Woman said...

Well, I'm off to investigate it. Thanks for sharing the information.

Ask Ms Recipe said...

Try resubscribing. here's the link.

For some reason it did not work the first time.


Ms Recipe

Shari Thomas said...

Hi Joan,

Thanks for the nice review. We're working to include a "tools" area especially for folks who have blogs or web sites that require more than 10 seconds to grab your attention.

Included in those tools will be ways to make your own "splash page", which is an eye-catching graphic, and a short blurb about your site. The goal is to get someone to click through to your blog.

Later, we'll be including ways to grab the RSS or to have someone sign up to your mailing list.

The best way to begin making money on the Internet is to get people on your list... promote YOU, and then the stuff you sell.

More later at as I get my own slow computer issues solved.