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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

An Attractive, Useful Nutrition Widget

I stumbled across this widget and I like it a lot. It gives a lot of information about eating well in a compact format that is fun to use and nice to look at. For those of us who learn by visual recall it's a great "poster" of nutritional knowledge.

First of all, you can see at a glance the essential vitamins that we need and generally, in a picture to the outer edge of the wheel beside the letter denoting the vitamin, what foods provide that nutrient.

If you click on either the letter or the food you will see that the text in the bottom box changes. There are five tabs in the bottom box. The one on top is Fruit. When you click on a letter or its corresponding food picture you will see a list of fruits with that vitamin. You may click any of the other tabs. Vegetables or Nuts are similar to the information under Fruits - a list of the foods containing the vitamin.

The next tab is Benefits. You can click there to learn what this vitamin does for your body.

The final tab is Guidelines. This is perhaps not quite as obvious in its meaning. I thought that it would give recommended daily amounts. It does not. But it gives additional food sources; for example, Vitamin B12 is not found in fruit, vegetables or nuts, but rather in meat, fish and dairy products. There is also information under this tab about what problem a deficiency of the vitamin will cause.

For a quick and easy reference, this is hard to beat- much easier than looking at columns of text on a page.

If you want to share this widget, click on the bar at the bottom and social network sites will be displayed. If you want this widget for yourself just click on the star at the bottom of the widget, on the right, or go to Clearspring Vitamin Wheel

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ian said...

this is a nifty health education tool =] thanks for sharing!