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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Why Clixsense is the Only PTC I Still Use

I just got $23.02 from Clixsense, and that's with a standard membership. Took 14 months to accumulate that much, but there were no hassles, and the fees are much lower to cashout than they used to be.

ClixSense now has PayPal available, and it only cost me $0.73 processing fee, much less than it use to be with AlertPay. In addition, they pay every Monday, so you don't have to wait a month to get your cash.

And, I have the answer to another of life burning questions. Does anyone every win $5.00 in the ClixGrid game? I had previously won anywhere from a dime to 50¢, but last week, yes, I won $5.00. That was certainly nice!

If you want to upgrade your membership, it now costs $15 a year. I'm still not convinced that's worth it unless you have a lot of referrals.

Anyway, I am happy to add $23 to my wallet!

Sign up for ClixSense under me. If you are thinking of signing up, it helps me and doesn't hurt you at all to use this link.


business oportunities said...

wow.. congrats :) I just made $ 2.5, so it's need more time to reach minimum payout :( btw how many ref do you have?

A&R said...

Congrats on making some money. Is that amount pretty standard?

Unknown said...

It looks like I'm getting about $0.50/week from it, but it's not like it takes much time out of my day. I need to do some advertising and get people under me.

My husband wants to growl at you for introducing me to PTC. LOL But thank you. I'm of the mind that every penny helps.

Application development services said...

24$ for 14 months? Do you think it worth it?