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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Year End Report- 2010 Online Income

The original purpose of this blog was to track whether I would be able to earn enough income online to sustain life. The big answer is, so far, no.

Earlier, I was reporting the amount earned every day, even though it was pennies. This took way too much time, and was impractical. But, for any faithful, or incidental, readers I may have I’d like to provide a year-end report of my efforts. It's long, but some of you have indicated that you are quite interested. So, here it all is... my successes and other attempts.

There are several categories of income included here: Online writing venues, pay-to-click, and other- mostly blog advertising. I’m not going to post proof of payments... You can either believe me or not, and I have no reason to make any of this up. I will make a few comments about each income source.

Total online income for 2010 is $2666.79. All in all, not bad, but not enough. If I were to write content for eight hours a day I could probably double that, but I would go stark raving mad at the tedium. I’m currently focusing on Shared Reviews, where I think I have the best chance of building significant residual income.

Highly recommended earning sites in green! Not recommended in pink! Your may or may not like in yellow.

If any of these appeal to you, might I ask that you sign up under me? Many sites will just sell your referral to someone else, so why not help a friend? It will cost you nothing. The site names are links, with referral info if applicable.

Online writing venues
for a comparison of four of these, see Comparing Four On-Line Writing Venues
Textbroker: reliable income for decent writers, payouts twice a month. You write, you get paid. No residual income.
date incomeoutgo
9/21 $98.03 
8/21 $39.07 
7/21 $62.71 
4/21 $30.82 
4/6 $33.52 
3/21 $75.06 
2/21 $192.75 
2/6 $66.03 
1/21 $131.24 
TOTAL $729.23 
Shared Reviews: reliable income for diligent writers, payouts seldom on time, but always come eventually. Residual income increases as the body of your work increases. See How to Write Excellent Content for Shared Reviews
date incomeoutgo
12/9 $102.44 
8/26 $64.69 
7/26 $35.73 
6/19 $40.18 
5/21 $55.00 
5/18 $36.45 
4/7 $42.14 
3/29 $33.80 
3/9 $15.00 
2/18 $51.87 
1/14 $60.25 
TOTAL $537.55 
Helium: horrible rating structure which is required for residual income, very frustrating. I reached payout threshold, and will not go back there.
date incomeoutgo
12/9 $27.88 
TOTAL $27.88 
Associated Content: submit for upfront pay (slow response time), or page views only. All carry small residual income which increases as the body of your work increases.
date incomeoutgo
12/9 $7.06 
11/10 $5.44 
10/18 $2.30 
10/13 $5.00 
10/13 $4.11 
10/11 $4.49 
9/28 $2.97 
9/22 $4.35 
9/21 $4.02 
9/15 $4.45 
9/14 $4.64 
9/8 $5.65 
9/8 $4.61 
8/11 $4.01 
7/14 $3.62 
6/9 $3.12 
5/12 $3.02 
4/14 $2.93 
3/10 $4.98 
2/10 $7.55 
1/13 $9.14 
TOTAL $97.46 
Seed: I haven’t had a lot of luck getting content accepted here
date incomeoutgo
8/17 $12.50 
TOTAL $12.50 
Vertical Blogger: was offered two assignments, and then no others
date incomeoutgo
2/5 $45.83 
TOTAL $45.83 
Adgitize: primarily for blog advertising, not income, but advertisers who also participate can recoup expenses and make a little money
date incomeoutgo
12/23  $14.00 for ad
12/6 $ 20.85 
11/24  $14.00 for ad
11/7 $21.20 
11/21   $14.00 for ad
10/9 $16.50 
9/21   $14.00 for ad
9/9 $15.69 
8/22   $14.00 pd
8/7 $23.01 
7/19   $14.00 for ad
6/14   $14.00 for ad
6/9 $10.99 
5/16   $14.00 for ad
5/7 $16.97 
4/16   $14.00 for ad
4/7 $20.53 
3/10   $14.00 for ad
3/6 $18.96 
2/7 $17.93 
1/30   $14.00 for ad
1/6 $28.56 
TOTAL NET $57.19 
Project Wonderful: makes pennies a day, but it’s quite trouble-free, and I did better in the second half of 2010
date incomeoutgo
11/2 $20.00 
TOTAL $20.00 
Chitika: contextual advertising, similar to and compatible with AdSense
date incomeoutgo
10/31 $11.27 
4/30 $10.50 
TOTAL $21.77 
AdSense: needs large traffic numbers, very strict regulations about click fraud and content
date incomeoutgo
5/25 $102.56 
TOTAL $102.56 
Private Client
date incomeoutgo
12/10 $55.00 
TOTAL $55.00 
PineCone Surveys: you must be invited to join this Neilson survey site which pays $3.00 for most opinion surveys
date incomeoutgo
12/23 $3.00 
12/8 $3.00 
11/24 $3.00 
11/2 $3.00 
10/20 $10.00 
10/19 $3.00 
10/7 $3.00 
10/6 $3.00 
9/7 $3.00 
8/23 $3.00 
8/6 $3.00 
7/12 $3.00 
6/28 $3.00 
5/24 $3.00 
5/14 $3.00 
5/3 $3.00 
4/8 $3.00 
3/12 $3.00 
2/8 $3.00 
1/7 $3.00 
TOTAL $67.00 
My Survey: I’ve been a member for many years. You don’t get paid a lot per survey, but you don’t fill out multiple questionnaires just to be told you don’t qualify. If you are shown a survey, you will be paid
date incomeoutgo
9/22 $40.00 
TOTAL $40.00 
Pay to Click
Cashium: pay to click- not very stable (I make about 3 cents a day)
date incomeoutgo
12/13 $2.29 
TOTAL $2.29 
Neobux: pay to click- reliable, need either basic membership or natural referrals- rented referrals lose you money (I make about 4 cents a day)
date incomeoutgo
11/17 $2.97 
9/10 $1.97 
TOTAL $4.94 
Buxto: seems reliable- I bought permanent referrals, but payout threshold is $50, so I haven’t reached that yet (I make about 15 cents a day)
date incomeoutgo
11/12  $18.00 to buy referrals
TOTAL NET $-18.00 
Clixsense: reliable, Alertpay charges processing fees, so this was my net from $20.77 worth of clicking (I make about 4 cents a day)
date incomeoutgo
1/9 $18.50 
TOTAL $18.50 
PalmBux: has had outages, and lost money for some investors (I make about 4 cents a day)
date incomeoutgo
TOTAL $2.29 
OnBux: seems reliable (I make about 4 cents a day)
date incomeoutgo
TOTAL $2.11 
Swagbucks: get paid for internet searches- all it “costs” you is that their suggestions are the top few choices returned in the list
date incomeoutgo
10/4 $10.00 
4/28 $10.00 
1/26 $10.00 
TOTAL $30.00 
Microworkers: I made cashout and will not return- too many offers are illegal or shady
date incomeoutgo
3/12 $10.69 
TOTAL $10.69 
Other: not at liberty to disclose source- online employment, not permanent
date incomeoutgo
3/24 $600.00 
2/6 $200.00 
TOTAL $800.00 


Ken Brown said...

@Sharkbytes - That was definitely an interesting read. Especially if you are like me and like to analyze numbers. I suppose if you write twenty 500 word articles each day then you could make a decent income. But, I could see where that could become tedious.

Thanks for taking the time to share all that with us.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

@Ken- I would lose my mind at even 5 articles a day. I guess I obsess over each one too much. TWENTY? You must be kidding! I have done a few days of 5+ articles, and it just leaves me exhausted.

plin said...

@Sharkbytes, thanks for sharing your numbers. I am obsessed with numbers as well so I enjoy reading about how others are doing and where I can improve.
I did sign up for a couple of your PTC sites even though one of them was shutdown. I will bookmark this page and I will check out the different program when I have a little more time on hand.

Thanks for sharing and best of luck in the New Year!

Free Money Maker said...

Hello sharkbytes that was a great information.Most of the site was unknown to me,I should try to check my better luck this year.Happy new Year.

EdZee said...

Hi Sharkbytes, Happy New Year to you and your family!

Thank you for the wonderful information. Makes me think how could I earn online like you especially now that I have a lot of free time because our "apo" (grandchild) has already left for abroad to join her parents.

Godspeed and more online income for all of us!

humble opinion by sirrob said...

I don't think this is great... This is awesome and wish I have the same commitment you have had in this so many sites you have participated.

I can't still quantify my earnings since I only started actively doing it in the last 4-5 months and are still building my reputation until now.

Help me.. LOL

Mona said...

Happy new year, what can i say just wow .. you earned much last year i don't even get 5% of your total earnings :( Well i hope this 2011 will be a better for me, congrats!

Doug in Missoula said...

I have yet to receive a payout from Adsense. I think my balance is about $54, and that is after Three Years! You are doing really well.

Cruiselife & Co said...

You're missing a great deal of money making sites. I make close to $100.00 just from Blogsvertise every month. Check out linkworth (sell text links and ads on your site) and textlinkads. Also check out sponsoredreviews. I now average $1000.00 a month, but it's taken me years to get to this point.

Silvergirl said...

wow thats a huge money earning for the year 2010 :) goodluck for this year

happy new year

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

plin- thanks so much. Sorry Herbux went belly up- I'm hoping it might be back

Hi FMM- thanks for the feedback

EdZee- hope you find some places to write and earn

sir rob- it doesn't happen overnight. You have to keep pounding away. And... this still amounts to way too little income per hour spent- at least to live in the US.

Mona- work hard- you'll find a way

Doug- Took me 3 years to get that first payment. Second one should be about 15 months

Thanks Lauren- I'll look at those

Silvergirl- it's a lot of writing!