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Friday, September 23, 2011

Big Changes at

The PTC site is temporarily closed down. They have a splash page explaining what is happening. After being in business four years (an old man of PTC sites), they need to make changes.

In an effort to weed out dishonest members and bots, the site is being restructured. Some of what they say is easy to understand, some parts, not so much

They want to make cash-outs faster because audits are taking too long. (Ask me... I've been waiting since July 19 for my first cashout to be audited).

But some folks are likely to be unhappy with the changes. I'm not sure if I'm in that group. I think they are saying that all Standard and Standard Pro members will be able to use their balances for advertising or buying referrals (I have $52 due in a cashout and another $10 in my account. I sure hope I can get some of that in cash).

All Standard Members who had previously purchased referrals will automatically be made Standard Pro Members. I will have this status, since I did purchase referrals once.

However, all referrals older than six months are going to be eliminated. If you made any purchases of referrals in the past six months you will have a percentage of inactive ones replaced.

They predict changing the earnings per click (probably read "less money"), and new cashout options (probably read "fewer ways to actually get cash").

Well, they've been down for two days, and don't give a firm date for when they will be back. I hope I can at least get my $52. That's a significant pile of money.


Anonymous said...

Well I am waiting my payment from from Monday 02 Jun 2008 at 06:52 PM, only this time $3804 and my status until now "Pendin Audit", never change. And I create tickets from te support center and I only have tickets scalated... This week I wrote other ticket, but I never receive an answer, I guess the close is only to not to pay us. Ohhh other thing, they close my account from forum when make a "change" and when I try to register in the new forum the mail of the admin never arrive to my email... Sorry free bad publicity if you don´t pay us our money.

Sewing Machine Dealer said...

I hope they make good changes that will benefit all of their customers. Looking forward to that.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Anonymous- I'm afraid a lot of us are going to get stiffed.

SMD- it will be good if they get it working.