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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Adgitize Focuses on Providing Blog Ads

Adgitize your web site. Ken Brown, Adgetize owner, has announced a return to the point system in use prior to Summer 2010. It will begin July 1, 2011

Adgitize is a great, low or no-cost way to advertise a blog on thousands of other blogs. The number of views and/or clicks one can receive for $14 a month is unlimited, and can be considerable. With the point system it is even possible to earn back the cost of an ad, and receive all that benefit for free.

Adgitize will never find itself in the position of promising more payouts than it can deliver, because the points determine a percentage of the daily revenue available. The daily earnings are based on that calculation. Each day we will take the total number of points in our system. We will calculate what percentage your earned points represent and then multiply that by the amount of revenue available in Adgitize that day for payout to the publishers. Points can be earned in several ways which includes clicking on ads within the system.

Since the forum opened, points have been awarded to posters. This part of the point system will be ending, and the focus will return to providing advertising value through the large system of over 15,000 member blogs.

Those who advertise more than one blog will receive extra points.

This active program will be known as Adgitize4Blogs. Adgitize4Business will be a passive earning program designed for those who wish to advertise sites which are not blogs.

I have been advertising through Adgitize since August of 2009, and can attest that it will make a real difference in the amount of traffic you will see. It's up to each blogger to present quality material which can convert lookers to readers, but Adgitize will definitely get people looking at your blog.

Give it a try for a month!



Ken said...

Thanks for the tips. Always wondered about adgitize, see it a lot.

Joy said...

Hm. Every time I visit Adgitize, it seems like they've changed the way they're doing things. I've basically just kept the ads on my site, earning 1 or 2 cents a day, waiting for my balance to be above the payout threshold so I can cash out and be done - I don't have time to click on ads anymore, like I used to. So the passive system, is that displaying ads? So the clicking and displaying will be separate?

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Joy- compared to a lot of the ad networks, they have changed very little. You must have just hit the active times. If you are a publisher, ads will be displayed and you will be paid at the very slow rate you mention, or more depending on your traffic.