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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Post Zoom- Good Traffic for Minimal Work

In mid-October, 2010, I signed up with Post Zoom. This is a blog link hub/community of sorts. You can enter blog posts into their categories (2 per day per blog allowed) and these will be displayed on their site, in the category of your choice. The posts also are shown on member sites which have the Post Zoom widget installed, if there is an image associated with the post.

How has this worked out for me? Very well! For My Quality Day, since October 12, I've received 1697 visits through Post Zoom links. That works out to about 12 hits a day. On this blog, I've received 144 visits through Post Zoom links. That's just over one a day, but I don't post as often on this blog, and the topics are of less general interest. My other blogs fall somewhere between these two numbers.

PostZoom Pros:
• Free traffic for minimal effort- I have to add the posts to their system manually, but then I can choose the category and customized the tags.
• Niche tags- If a tag is used on more than a total of eight posts that tag is added to their tag list. With custom tags you can quickly create a niche entry in their list.
• No clicking to do- add your entry and leave- there is no requirement to click other sites to maintain your status
• Owners are open to adding top categories if you can convince them that something important is missing
• You can choose the categories of posts that will show in the widget you place on your blog

PostZoom Cons:
• You do have to enter your posts manually
• There is no outgo of cash, but there is no opportunity for income either
• Site is a bit awkward to negotiate
• It's not listed how many blogs/posts are in the system. I'd like to see counters of some kind to gauge the growth of the site.

If this sounds good to you, check it out. This is not an affiliate link of any kind. I get no benefit if you sign up, other than that there would be more participation in the system.

Post Zoom


Ratty said...

I think I'll take a look. Free advertisement is always good.

humble opinion by sirrob said...

Just signed up a few minutes ago and I hope to get some traffic there. LOL Thanks though for the heads up.

Joy said...

Hey Sharkbytes, I've been using PostZoom for about a week, and I have a question for you. Are you able to find PostZoom as a referrer in your traffic stats? Or does it come up as whatever blog the widget was on, or in some other way?
I ask because even though the main PZ site is telling me it's sent however many hits to my site, I can't corroborate that with any of my own data. With the amount of hits in the last week it reports, it should be edging into my top 10 referrers, but I can't find it in my PW stats or in Google Analytics.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Joy- that is a really good question. I checked my analytics, and it's there, but at a much lower rate than PZ states. I suspect they are reporting the clicks from their widget, which takes a person to their site with a preview of the article. People would have to click again on "Read the Rest of this Post" to come through to the actual site.

Interesting. Still. I think it's good visibility.