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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Taking the Next Step with NeoBux- Am I Golden?

I've been a member of Neobux since Nov 4, and just today purchased my second set of referrals. This means that I have completed the requirements, and can now purchase a Golden Membership if I wish. Imagine my surprise when I was presented with the option to buy one immediately, for a cost of only... $90. Whew! That is serious money. Let's think about this.

First, I would like to analyze what I have made so far. I captured several graphics to illustrate this, but my computer crashed before I got most of them saved. Now that I've moved to another level I can't get those images back. I'll have to try to explain this without them.

First, how much did having 3 referrals boost my income?
  • Cost per day: It costs $.25 per 30 days for a referral, so that is 0.00833 cents a day. There is an additional cost to maintain these. I don't quite understand this yet, but I have it on autopay, so I can just see the total that it costs me, which was 0.075 over the week, for a cost per day of 0.011 or, per referral: $0.00357. So to add the two numbers in bold, the cost per day is $0.0119.
  • Income per day: Over the time before I had any referrals I averaged $0.0489 a day. For the week when I did have three referrals (who did not all click every day, but performed within the average range as defined by Neobux) was $0.07 total. Subtracting, that is an increase of $0.0211 a day, per referral is $0.007033 income.
  • Net value: Now, let's see if that increase is worth it. Subtract The income from the expense (per referral, per day) and I lost $0.007033 - $0.0119 = $0.004886 cents a day.

That is not the direction that I want this project to go!

In the Help file, there is a potential earnings generator. You can see the results here with a standard membership with 100 referrals, and an average of 3 clicks/day by those referrals. What I think they are not doing is subtracting the cost of maintaining those referrals if they are rented. This is gross income. Of course, if you can get 100 direct referrals, you don't have to pay to maintain them.

I'm not ready to give up on Neobux yet. After all, I could go back to just collecting my 4 cents a day with no expense, and so far it hasn't cost me a cent out of pocket. I'll keep you posted.


web ad income Dec 17 (6 blogs, 2 web sites, writing):
Adsense $.12
Adgitize $.92
Project Wonderful $.03
Clixsense $.07
Neobux $.08
Total: $1.22

web ad income Dec 18 (6 blogs, 2 web sites, writing):
Adsense $.06
Adgitize $.95
Project Wonderful $.008
Chitika $.03
Clixsense $.01
Neobux $.055
Total: $1.11