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Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Google AdSense Milestone

Oddly enough, in a comment yesterday, Bachrum of Online Business Solutions asked me if I had any tips on how to make $.05 a day on Google AdSense. And when I checked my statistics this morning, I discovered that for the first time ever I have made over $1.00 in a single day on AdSense!

In the first place (laughing nervously), I'm quite honored that anyone thinks that making 5 cents a day is something to applaud. But, then again, a few months ago I was averaging a penny a day, so it's a definite improvement.

Here is the only tips I have. Get more traffic! I now have 6 blogs and 2 web sites that are carrying Google AdSense ads. Frankly, I think it's pretty pathetic that with that much coverage I can only make a nickel a day!

I've had AdSense ads on some of those sites for just over two years, and I have yet to make the $100 payment threshold. As you can see, I'm beginning to get close. I have read horror stories of people making the threshold, and then Google just up and tells them that they won't pay because "click fraud" has been detected. I live in fear. Will they know that some people have clicked on my ads and then emailed me and asked me to reciprocate? Do they care that I've always responded to those people that I will not do so, and they should stop or we will both be thrown off?

When I had $10 in the account I cared less. That $78.12 (and growing) is a nice stash that I feel strongly about seriously protecting.

I read that some people make several hundred dollars a year, and I do wonder how they do it. There are two possible answers... either click fraud, or get more traffic. Although deprecated in the United States, the "click through rate (CTR)," is going to be fairly standard over the long run. And that is generally about 0.2%. Yes, that's 2/10 of one percent. 2 clicks out of 1000 views, on average. If you get 3 out of 1000, you are doing well. The only way to get more honestly, is with extremely targeted material and audiences. That's generally not going to happen on most of our blogs.

So, I'm working hard on increasing my traffic. But for me, it's second to quality content.

Google AdSense

web ad income Dec 11 (6 blogs, 2 web sites, writing):
Adsense $.07
Adgitize $.91
Project Wonderful $.02
Clixsense $.04
Neobux $.08
Total: $1.12


John | Make Nothing Online said...

Nice work, congratulations.

A few handy Adsense tips which have worked well for me:

1) blend the ad colours with the colours of your site. Set the URL colour in the ad to the same colour as normal text.

2) experiment with different placements. Try top left and between posts. (Between posts looks ugly though)

3) remove the ad border.

I'm averaging around $4 per day at the moment, but my record day was $110! :-)

Sharkbytes said...

John- Thanks, I've done some of your suggestions on most of my other blogs. But $4/ day, really! You are doing very well, my friend. How much traffic do you get?

John | English Wilderness said...

Last time I checked I had an average of 7000 pageviews per day. I haven't really kept on top of it this month because I haven't got internet at home for a short while.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

That's pretty amazing, John. Gives me something to aspire to.