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Friday, December 4, 2009

Adgitize Improves Features

Ken Brown, owner of the expanding and successful blog advertising network Adgitize, has rolled out some new features to reward top users.

Preferred Publishers List Improved
The Preferred Publishers List was initiated in August of this year. This list is for publishers:
  • whose page is a blog
  • whose adgitize ad group is near or "above" the fold
  • whose page loads quickly
  • who either score 300+ points in 3 out of 4 days OR pay a fee

In return, Preferred Publishers are displayed in a randomly rotating order on a list which is an easily accessible location for people to sample sites from within the system, or to begin their daily clicking. They also receive an extra 10-25 points a day

This week, another perk has been added to this list. Each blog will not only have its title displayed, but the title of the most recent post will also appear. (There is a small glitch in the system for people with multiple blogs listed with Adgitize, but this is being worked on, and Brown promises to have it fixed within two weeks).

Gift Certificates Available
Many blogs like hosting contests, and offer free advertising credits as prizes. Now it will be simple for anyone who wants to pay for someone else's Adgitize advertisement time; they can simply purchase a virtual gift certificate.

A page of short testimonials from some blogs who have been particularly pleased with Adgitize has been added. I am very pleased to report that a quote from one of my posts has been chosen for this page. I really can't say enough good about Adgitize. Yes, you have to pay money. But because the system requires people to surf the sites in order to maximize their points, your ad will be seen throughout the 5000 member sites in the network. That milestone was reached just this month. One year ago, Adgitize had 100 members.

Yet, despite this phenomenal growth, Adgitize has had no major crashes, no mutinies by large groups of members, no major changes in direction, or nasty surprises without warning. It is not only stable and reasonable, but provides both the means to deliver advertisements, and an incentive for people to visit those sites.

Adgitize Delivers and Pays
Despite the recent increase in rates, In the transition month of November, I was able to almost recover the full cost of an ad. I recieved $20.17 against a $24 investment. In the months of $14 ads I usually made about $3 profit. As all ads in the system will soon be based on the new prices, I anticipate being able to recoup all costs again in December. And for this, what did I receive? In the past 30 days, Adgitize has delivered over 51 million ads. Yes that's 51,189,399 as of today! The statistics offered do not allow me to break out the exact number of those impressions of my ad, but I can tell you that my ad has been clicked on 2975 in the past 30 days. That's an average of 99 clicks per day.

Are these quality visits? Probably not all. Yet the results of my recent poll indicate that people are paying attention to the content on sites. Because those who click do have control over which sites they choose (most ads are presented in groups, thus giving the user a choice of which to click), they are paying attention, and selectively visiting sites they like and avoiding those that they don't. See the analysis of this poll.

Sign up with Adgitize
At the very least, sign up to be an Adgitize Publisher. You can earn several cents a day by doing absolutely nothing. For good advertising for your own blog, join the network of advertisers who have discovered the benefits of Adgitize.


web ad income Dec 2 (4 blogs, 2 web sites, writing):
Adsense $.05
Adgitize $.89
Project Wonderful $.03
Chitika $.23
Clixsense $.07
My Survey $.75
Neobux $.04
Total: $2.02