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Friday, November 20, 2009

Dreaming of Far Off Vacations

Over the past year I have written a number of articles on travel topics, several of which were about countries in the Balkan region. Consequently, I have to say that I’ve developed quite an interest in taking a Croatian holiday, to help satisfy my terminal wanderlust.

The eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea has become quite a tourist destination, but there are still any number of small towns where I could escape the crowds, and explore islands in a small boat. Croatia spills down the seacoast, and one can find villages, hiking trails, mountains, beaches, and nature parks, as well as the night life and cities that appeal to most tourists (not me!). Of course, it won’t ever happen on my budget, but hey, I can dream!

One always has to wonder if it is worth paying to have a travel agent help arrange a trip. Here’s a review of Thomson Holidays that I found which has a very positive attitude toward using an agent. I decided to look up Thomson Holidays to see what they offer. They do have packages which include Croatia holidays.

Who knows, maybe some day I’ll get to visit some of the fascinating places around the world.

Thomson Holidays offers packages to many destinations in Europe, Thailand, Africa, Australia and surrounding islands, the Caribbean, the Indian Ocean, Israel, South America, and the United States.

See Travel, for one of my favorite wanderlust poems.

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