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I have taken a part-time job, and it's definitely affecting my blogging time. I'll continue to post here as I am able.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Using the Quick Launch Task Bar

Did you know that you can easily change which little icons show at the bottom left of the screen, and their order? That section of the Task Bar is called Quick Launch.

It's as easy as drag and drop! From My Computer or Explorer, you can drag any program icon to that area of the task bar. And you can drag them around if you don't like the order they are in, since only 3 will display without expanding the menu.

If Quick Launch doesn't show, right click on the Task Bar, scroll to Toolbars, and make sure that Quick Launch is checked.

web ad income July 19 (4 blogs, 2 web sites):
Adsense $.02
Adgitize $.63
Project Wonderful $.03
Shareapic $.01
Clixsense $.08
Total: $.77