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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Image Problems in Firefox 3.5 beta

Are you having troubles with some websites displaying properly in the beta version of Firefox 3.5? The problem may be with blocked images.

In fact, even with FF 3.xx, you have the ability to block images on specific sites rather than universally.

There are two ways to access these settings. One way is through the Tools / Options / Content. Then be sure that Load Images Automatically is checked. Note that you can click on exceptions to see if there are any sites which have been individually flagged to not load the images. Apparently with FF 3.5 beta, some people are having certain sites flagged as exceptions without knowing how it happened. Until the bugs are fixed, you may need to manually change the settings.

You can also get to this information by clicking on the favicon at the left end of the address bar. This will drop down a small box. Click on More Information. Then click on Media in the box that opens and you will see the following screen:

You can then scroll any of the choices associated with that particular site. If you select one then you can check the box, or not, to block images.

This can be a handy feature to make some sites that are overloaded with useless images easier to navigate.


lizzie said...

Very useful. I have noticed problems with this. I was fiddling with the option on Firefox and then found that I couldn't view images. Fortunately it is resolved now.

Sharkbytes said...

Thanks for the comment. It's always great news when my posts are actually helpful!