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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Project Wonderful - Connects Advertisers with the Web

Project Wonderful uses a complex algorithm to manage a system of bidding for ad space on web sites. Users don't really have to understand it very much, once you get used to the idea that it really does work.

When I first signed up at Project Wonderful I put the minimum amount of money in an account ($5.00) and bought a few ads to see how it works. You select a publisher based on categories of ads they have requested, minimum daily price, traffic patterns, etc. You also select a maximum bid and an amount of time you want your ad to run.

The publisher may choose to accept or reject your ad. Some will accept any ad, some will accept repeat ads from previously approved sites, and some will ask to approve any new ad. Once a publisher accepts your ad then the computerized bidding kicks in.

The computer will compare your maximum daily offer against the other bids for ads on a particular site on a regular basis. If there are two ad slots, the first two ads will come in at the minimum bid, which might even be $0.00. Talk about reasonable advertising! But the third request that comes in will force the price for one slot up to $0.01. And so on...

When you sign up to accept ads you must first be approved. If the site is a blog it should have 30 quality posts before applying. Once your site is approved you create boxes to hold the ads. You can choose to accept one or more of seven different sizes of ads, and just follow the instructions to create your widget, which you insert on your web site.

For sites which average about 100 hits a day you are likely to get bids in the range of 1-3 cents a day. I have seen sites that command nearly a dollar a day for an ad, but I don't own one of those yet!

Note that sites which get very few hits and haven't had any bids for 5 days will be automatically delisted. You will be notified if this is in danger of happening.

I received personal emails quickly in response to questions. The system seems to run quite smoothly, and historical earnings and performance data is easy to access.

So far I'm pleased with how well Project Wonderful connects advertisers with small time bloggers. As soon as this blog has enough posts, I plan to apply to add it to the Project Wonderful network.

Project Wonderful

web ad income today (4 blogs, 2 web sites):
Adsense $1.03
Adgitize $.78
Project Wonderful $.02
Total: $1.83
Total to date in April -$4.75
Total in March $4.88


DogsDeserveFreedom said...

Thanks for posting this - I'm still checking it out, but find it quite interesting!



Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Thanks! I'm quite pleased with how it works.