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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Adgitize Me! - Part 2

I promised to tell you how to advertize and earn on Adgitize, and here we go. I won't cover every detail, but hopefully will explain enough that you could get started there without too much trouble.

General Info:
  • Create an ID and password and it works for all three categories of participation.
  • There is a support forum which requires a separate ID and password. Staff, usually Ken Brown, will respond to forum questions within a few hours.
  • Daily points earned are compared against the total available points and you are paid that percentage of daily available revenues.
  • You will be paid automatically on the 20th of the month when you reach $10. Payouts are by check or PayPal.

There are three ways to participate atAdgitize. Any blog or web site may choose to do any or all of the three. You can earn money if you are in any of these categories.
  1. Be an Affiliate- this means that you advertise their site, but you earn something for anyone who signs up under you.
  2. Be a Publisher- this means that you display the ads of those who choose to Advertise through Adgitize
  3. Be an Advertiser- this means that you pay money to have your ad show on the pages of those who are Publishers.

Affiliate Info:
  • Select from two designs and a number of sizes of banners, put one on your site.
  • When someone follows this link from your site and signs up as an Advertiser you get $5.00
  • You continue to receive $1.00 a month for every month that site is an Advertiser.

Publishers Info:
  • Select from two banner sizes and several group alignments of ads to display
  • You earn points for new posts on your blog
  • You earn points for the number of page views and ad view from your site
  • You may optionally earn points (max 350/day) by clicking on ads on other Publisher's pages

Advertisers Info:
  • Create an ad in one of two sizes to display
  • Purchase by the week ($7), two weeks ($10), or month ($14)
  • You earn points for new posts on your blog
  • You may optionally earn points (max 500/day) by clicking on ads on other Publisher's pages
  • There are some point earning perks for those who are both Advertisers and Publishers

Other useful info:
  • To earn points by clicking on ads you must first wait for the page to load completely
  • You can only click on one ad from any one site per day
  • You can only click on an advertiser's banner once per day, but once your click for an advertiser has been recorded you will no longer be shown that ad, so you don't need to keep track
  • Many Advertisers also are Publishers so there is a good chance there will be ads to click on a site you just reached by clicking
  • As you click, your stats will be recorded by Adgitize in a blue bar below the ads. You will see it change from "Adgitize Me" to "Adgitize 5" when you have clicked on 5 ads, "Adgitize 10" when you have clicked on 10 ads, etc.
  • If you can't find a site that displays ads there is a list under Members Lounge / Reports / Blogs not clicked today
  • You do have to be logged in on Adgitize for your clicks to count. You can do a lot of work for nothing if you don't pay attention to this.
  • It does take quite a bit of time to click through the maximum number of allowed sites per day. However, since my blogs are also on Entrecard (not this one yet- need to have more posts), and so are a LOT of Adgitize blogs, so I click for both at the same time.
  • There are lots of stats to track your points and earnings listed under Members Lounge / Reports

web ad income today (4 blogs, 2 web sites):
Adsense $.00
Adgitize $.21
Project Wonderful $.03
Total: $.24
Total to date in March: $4.00


maghis said...

Thank you for all these Information I went to adgitize, and I did not find the pay structure.

Just to tell you at that rate you will be making 10 $in ... almost 48 days... only with adgitize.

Good luck.


Sharkbytes (TM) said...

You have to click on Advertise / Add An Advertisement, and you will see that it is $14 for a month, $10 for 2 weeks or $7 for one week. Best...