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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Error Uploading Images to Blogger

Have you seen this message? I've been using blogger for 3 years now, and had never been stung by this until this month. Now, I'm getting it a lot. Of course it's annoying, but even more annoying is the length of time the problem has been ongoing. It's particularly maddening if you are trying to upload several pictures because it kicks you back to having to start all over again, and get all the images from your computer back into the interface. This can take several minutes if they were not all located together on your computer.

I found reports of this problem from as long ago as Sept 2009 in the Blogger help forums. Google has not provided any real answers, and has closed threads where people have reported it.

Apparently it became critical in June 2011, because on June 29, Google posted it on their "known issues" blog and said "Update, 10:50AM PST: We've released a fix and image upload should be working again without issue. Thanks for your patience."

As many of us have discovered, it's not really fixed, and it means that it's difficult to complete a blog post when one wants to do so, if there are pictures to display. The image on this post is being hosted on server space of my own. I was unable to load the image to blogger. I'm also waiting for this to post to another blog.

It's nice to have free image hosting space, but not nice to have so many problems.


Darlene ~Bloggity Blogger~ said...

I don't usually post a lot of images. Usually only one or two per blog, but yesterday, I posted several in a photo blog. I like using my Windows Live Writer, then posting. Yesterday I could have tore all my hair out! What looked perfect in my Windows Live Writer came out a mess on my blogspot. Usually meticulous about how my blogs look, I posted it anyway. I won't do another photo blog for a long time. Yes! I was THAT frustrated. I hear you! Now if only Google will hear us...

Darlene ~Bloggity Blogger~ said...

BTW... I have not received the message you displayed. I'm about to post a blog with my usual 1-2 pics. We will see....